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I provide the tools, guidance, and support my clients need in order to grow their social media strategies.

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Social Media Strategy

To help organize your on-line marketing strategies, we offer the service of creating a detailed and dynamic 12-month strategy. The strategy will be tactically developed to incorporate editorial calendars, sales promotions, new product/service launches, customer engagement ideas, personal interest stories, humor, inspirational quotes, and industry education.

Based on research and social media best practices, the strategic planning will provide a strong foundation for the development of your day to day social media engagement.



  • 12-month strategy

  • detailed 30- and 60-day content development

  • industry research for competitor comparison purposes

  • PPC ad campaign ideas

  • recommended blog and newsletter topics to compliment content schedule

  • recommended approaches for individual platforms

  • suggestions for social media platforms not already utilized

  • create metrics goals and tracking system

  • any/all other recommendations to enhance social media presence

Social Media Optimization

Social media profile creation and optimization services ensure all profiles are fully developed and have implemented new platform features, have integrated with your website, and are visually updated with current images, materials, and demographic information.

Most Popular Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google listing, Google+ page, LinkedIn (company page), Pinterest & Instagram



  • update hero and cover images with new marketing materials

  • test links and tabs on all profiles to ensure performance

  • implement new platform features that require manual set-up

  • enhance engagement features (cross-like appropriate profiles, add newsletter sign-ups, create call to action features, etc.)

  • update text descriptions and “about us” sections to ensure accuracy

  • add new images, videos, and other materials as applicable

  • check security options as applicable

  • utilize website SEO applications to enhance profiles

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Jenny Green, Social Media Consultant

I work with clients, providing exceptional social media strategy consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

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Different from the "Social Media Strategy" service, my consulting package offers us the opportunity to work together long-term.

  • Which Social Networks should you be active on?

  • What blog topics should you be writing on?

  • How can you use specific platforms to engage and connect with potential customers?

  • Which search engines should you pay for ads on?

  • What keywords should you target?

  • What does it all mean?

During your initial (free) consultation, I'll discuss your needs and provide you with a recommendation, which will include a level of consulting that I feel will benefit you the most. 

This is typically provided as a set amount of time per day, week, or month at a monthly rate. Please contact me to schedule your initial consultation.


I provide monthly social media marketing services that include creating and posting content to your social media platforms on your behalf.


Because each client is so unique in their preferences and needs, I offer “a la carte” monthly plans that are customized just for you. Simply choose which features you would like to utilize and I'll create a service plan just for you.

Sample Package:

Package One – Monthly Social Media Marketing
Comprehensive, full-service daily (7x) posting for up to 5 accounts.



  • creation and development of content and/or optimizing provided content

  • posting to the profiles

  • adjusting content to reflect the style of the platform

  • utilizing appropriate hashtags

  • creating “events”

  • cross-liking and commenting to increase engagement

  • tracking analytics

  • providing performance reports when requested

  • maintaining optimization and updates

  • reputation management

Training & Education

I provide extensive Social Media and Internet Marketing training. For business owners or managers who would like to be shown what to do, I can provide a custom training solution. Training can come in the form of conference calls, documentation, and onsite seminars as needed.


Topics typically covered include:

  • How to use specific social networks (i.e. Twitter or Facebook)

  • How to write updates and posts that are compelling and engage followers

  • How to write blog posts and other content that can be shared

  • How to manage a Social Media Marketing Campaign

  • How to organize your Social Media Marketing Team

  • How to schedule blog and social media topics

  • How to maintain a consistent brand and "voice"

Training sessions can be scheduled as needed, or planned as part of an overall marketing and training strategy in conjunction with marketing consulting. 

Businesses located in the greater Portland, Maine area can schedule sessions ranging from 2 hours to multiple days, while businesses outside of southern Maine will generally schedule sessions of one or more days.


Contact me to find out which times I have blocked out for training sessions.

Kind Words from a Client

"Jenny Green is a star! I had the pleasure of working with Jenny for over three years as my social media consultant. During this short period, First Fresh became the 11th largest olive oil company in the world on Facebook surpassing mega companies that had been in business for decades. She's knowledgeable, creative, reliable, energetic and a pleasure to work with.


My favorite story about Jenny illustrates the length and depth of her work. At the time, her son Ryan, five years old, hated vegetables, until Jenny began preparing them with First Fresh olive oil. Not only did Ryan start eating vegetables, he loved them, even Brussels sprouts. She posted his story and photo on social media and the posts nearly went viral.


Jenny will do whatever it takes to get results. In fact, she has a Ph.D. in results. I give her my highest recommendation with enthusiasm."

-Bill Sanders, First Fresh Olive Oil

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